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Celebrity Homes

Host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah has listed his impressive Manhattan penthouse for $12.95 million USD. The 334 sq m duplex apartment is located in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood and has been carefully updated since the South African-born comedian purchased it in 2017.

The penthouse takes up both the 17th and 18th floors of the Art Deco-era New York Telephone Building that was converted into apartments in 2014…

Buying or Selling Art

Kukumba is participating as part of the ongoing Art Around Us exhibition that was inspired by recent Covid-19 experiences where people found they had to look in nearby places to meet their daily needs.

The Kukumba collection at the Bookworm is called Pursuit of the African Village. On display are figurative and portraiture works, countryside scenes and family life.

Kukumba’s abstract style and themes have not changed much over the years yet there is an instant likeability to his work and an easy understanding of the subject matter…

The Real Estate Market

After a low appraisal, Black Seattle family ‘whitewashes’ the home, and gets a higher price. After removing family photos and getting a neighbor to stand in for them, a Black family got a home appraisal that was $259,000 higher than their original one.

In Seattle and around the country, the color of someone’s skin can impact the value of their home. In the Clark home, kitchen conversations sizzle in life lessons.

“Generational wealth is money, houses, or things you pass down,” said Jaxton Clark, 10, while helping his father prepare breakfast in their Columbia City home…


The biggest topic of discussion in the art world in 2021 was the sale of a piece of undistinguished digital art, a so-called Non-Fungible Token, by someone named “Beeple” for $69.3 million. The sale raised a myriad of questions. Such as: -Is the artwork worth that much? -Are we on the verge of hyperinflation? -Has the established art world lost its mind?

Traditionally, a painting or sculpture has been considered valuable for a number of reasons. If it’s historically significant — marking a radical change in the way art is viewed and created. French Impressionist paintings of the late 19th century, for instance, so unlike anything before seen. Today art students create Impressionist paintings by the truckload — imitations, for the most part, but a few are singular looking…


UK studio Foster + Partners has revealed images of its golden Lusail Stadium in Qatar, which will host the final of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The stadium, which will host 10 matches at this year’s football World Cup including the final, was officially inaugurated on 9 September with a match between Saudi Pro League champions Al Hilal SFC and the Egyptian Premier League winners Zamalek…

Comic Strip/Graphic Novels

March 31st is Trans Day of Visibility, and to celebrate, The Beat spotlighted trans and gender nonconforming comic creators! Trans Day of Visibility is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender nonconforming people while raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve trans justice.

Their list of trans comic creators who weren’t included on this year’s list… 

Luxury Real Estate

While this story may not seem like it is a luxury real estate storyline, if you think about it, Hasbro’s game board Monopoly, actually is. Recently, Jacob & Co. announced a partnership with graffiti artist Alec Monopoly. Monopoly previously had a partnership with TAG Heuer, so he is no stranger to the watch world.

This first collaborative effort with Jacob & Co. is the fruit of great co-mingling, with the result being a highly colorful art piece based on Jacob & Co.’s famed Astronomia three-dimensional watches. The  Astronomia Alec Monopoly watch, with four-arm vertical movement and complications, features tiny characters found in Monopoly’s work…

Prison Art

This isn’t really my whole story, just a lil about me and my artistry and why I am in Prison.

I grew up as a ward of the court in and out of foster care. I am a survivor of childhood trauma by my own family. I basically raised myself in the streets/ addicted to numbing drugs and prostituting (and trafficked) to survive the basics in life.

I’ve been in and out of institutions my whole life each time I try something new…

Buying or Selling Real Estate

In part one of my series, we met Adam, who desires to purchase a house to live in instead of renting.

In this article, you will meet Nathan, who sees the potential for future wealth investment real estate offers. Nathan is motivated to acquire a residential investment property but does not know where to start.

Let’s look at Nathan’s steps to purchase his first investment property…

The Art Market

27-Year-Old Painter Anna Weyant Becomes Youngest Artist to Join Gagosian Amid Rumors of Romantic Relationship. 

With her market on the rise, painter Anna Weyant has joined Gagosian, the mega-gallery empire with 19 locations worldwide. At 27, she is the youngest artist currently on the roster of Gagosian, where she will have a solo show in New York this fall.

The representation is exclusive, meaning that Weyant will no longer be showing with any of her previous galleries, including Blum & Poe and 56 Henry, the enterprises that helped propel her to larger fame within the art world. She had her first show with Blum & Poe just last year at the gallery’s Los Angeles space…

Real Estate Brokers

“Keys to A Successful Landlord-Tenant Relationship,” is a how-to-guide for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. Management of this relationship is crucial!

Independent, Silicon Valley Fine Art and Real Estate Broker Anna D. Smith is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), with over 40 years of experience in real estate, having managed over $50 million in property management for Stanford University.

“As a Silicon Valley Independent real estate broker, in my services, I bring those desired mom and pop quality attributes that have gone missing from my corporate handcuffed peers in the real estate industry.”

To learn more about my services, if buying or selling commercial or residential property visit…

Digital Art

A Forest Where Gods Live will be held in Mifuneyama Rakuen Park from July 15 to November 6 2022

It’s difficult to name a favorite teamLab exhibit when the art collective has so many fantastical installations across Japan, but if we were to rank all of the projects the digital art wizards have done so far, this exhibition in Kyushu would be high on the list.

Set in the 500,000sqm Mifuneyama Rakuen, teamLab’s A Forest Where Gods Live digital art installation is one that demonstrates how nature can become its own form of art. Set to return to Kyushu this summer, this year’s exhibition will be available from July 15 to November 6 2022…

Commercial Real Estate

This Michigan greenhouse takes a whole new approach to ‘farm-to-table.’ Few seedlings live in style. Dirt, water, and grime are the day-to-day realities of plant growing, especially at the scale of a commercial farm. Seedlings getting their early starts in a greenhouse may not yet be living in the dirt of the earth, but they’re hardly in pristine conditions.

Unless they’re growing at Granor Farm. An organic vegetable and grain farm in Three Oaks, Michigan, not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, the farm has just completed a luxury greenhouse space for its youngest crops. Designed by Chicago-based Wheeler Kearns Architects, the greenhouse is a 7,300-square-foot jewel box, with gently frosted glass draping over a steel frame to shield new plants from the harsh winters of the Great Lakes region…

Street Art

Street artists around the world are spraying in solidarity with Ukraine. Many artists have painted poignant pieces highlighting Ukrainians’ struggles amid the Russian invasion, while others call out Russian President Vladimir Putin over the globally condemned attack.

“It was the least I could do apart from sending financial support,” the artist known as WOSKerski, who painted the tribute below in London, told HuffPost.

“As an artist, I have a voice that can influence people and a moral obligation to act against injustice and support people who need it,” WOSKerski said. “I am aware that the online support is probably meaningless, but I hope that perhaps it did help someone.”

Jenks, a street artist in Llanelli, Wales…


Earlier today in the Lower Haight, Marc Louis plastered white paint across a roll-down security gate to cover up the graffiti tags that had accumulated on the building.

“I do this all the time,” said Louis, who works for a local property management company as a maintenance tech. “It definitely keeps me busy.”

Louis isn’t alone. This summer, San Franciscans filed more complaints about graffiti on commercial buildings than they have in over a decade. During the July peak, over 1,300 such cases were filed with the city’s 311 reporting program, according to 311 data.

Now, city officials are taking the burden of paying for constant graffiti cleanup off of the shoulders of commercial property owners, and giving maintenance workers like Louis a break. A new program…

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