Abstract Wall Art for Silicon Valley Homes and Offices

C-Note’s Untitled 51

This is an interior decorative article on black, blue, white, and red, abstract wall art for Silicon Valley Homes and Offices. 

In “Silicon Valley Wall Art This Season,” I note how abstract art is gaining popularity in Silicon Valley homes and offices. Easy on the eyes, this interior decorative article features four abstract wall art designs in black, blue, white, and red that would look good in homes and offices in Silicon Valley and beyond. The article discusses the advantages of each design. For instance, the black design makes use of negative space to make a bold but minimalist statement while still blending with most decorating styles and color schemes.

Abstract Wall Art – The Basics

Abstract art is created by an artist who chooses to express their ideas of beauty and harmony with what they call spontaneous forms. This form of visual expression can be put on canvas, wood, paper, or wall. Depending on whether one lives in a home or office space with contemporary or traditional sensibilities will determine how much abstraction there should be in decorating both interiors. Typically homeowners prefer more contemporary pieces; offices cater more to traditional tastes. But these are just generalities. What is important when choosing abstract art for your home or office space is that you want it to be beautiful and harmonious with your home’s interior design. If you have any doubts about which style would work best in your home or office space, consult with a professional interior designer. There are many benefits of hiring an interior designer including their knowledge of color theory and use of color schemes that are pleasing to the eye as well as cost-effective in terms of budgeting time and money.


C-Note’s Untitled 83 metal wall art print 

When it comes to colors, we often associate black with doom, gloom, and negativity. When applied to a home’s interior design, black represents sophistication, status, and elegance. Some of the best black-themed pieces are these abstract paintings from California Prison-artist Donald “C-Note” Hooker. By using an experimental design process (the artist doesn’t use stencils or tape), he creates complex patterning that draws inspiration from nature but without being overtly nature-y. These are stylish works of art. A piece like Untitled 83 is perfectly suited for a high-end office or Silicon Valley home: it conveys power and prestige while also looking chic enough to be used in any room. The painting would look equally at home on a living room wall as it would on an office wall; its style is sophisticated enough to transcend context.


C-Note’s Untitled 29 acrylic wall art print 

According to color theory, blue is said to promote creativity, stability, and calmness. As a Silicon Valley homeowner or office manager, you may want to incorporate blue wall art into your décor. This color can help elevate your moods while simultaneously providing you with a sense of inspiration when you look at it. After all, we’re sure many great inventions were thought up under a blue sky! To make your walls pop, add different shades of blue in different sizes throughout your home or office space. If you really want to show off your artistic side, try using multiple colors within one piece—you never know what masterpiece might be created from an abstract painting like that! The possibilities are endless with modern artwork like these; if you find yourself struggling to come up with a unique idea, check out my home page where I showcase some recent additions—there’s sure to be something there that will inspire you.


C-Note’s Untitled 64 framed wall art print 

It’s a color that can be used in almost any space, providing an elegant backdrop to bold patterns. That doesn’t mean it needs to look dull. In fact, one of my favorite ways to use white is in bold abstracts. The abstract wall art I provide offers a modern twist on style and design, making your decor unique from what you would find at any home store or fancy boutique. Abstract designs are perfect for those who want to stand out.


C-Note’s Untitled 82 canvas wall art print

This color is emblematic of passion, energy, action, ambition, enthusiasm, freedom. Beholden to no one or anything in your business or personal life? Red is a great color choice. You probably want red if you’re thinking about hanging that Picasso on your wall: There are many shades of red from pink to bright red. Red is an excellent accent color because it does not have any hint of blue in it—which makes it complementary to most colors. If you’re using red as a primary color, however, it can be overwhelming and should be used sparingly. When selecting a shade of red to use as an accent color, choose something that has some yellow in it so it will complement other blues in your room (like a navy couch). If there is too much blue with no yellow present, then those two colors compete with each other instead of complementing each other.

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