Museum of Graffiti Celebrates Fourth Anniversary with New Exhibitions.

Exhibition to feature 8-12 oil and acrylic paintings, delving into humanity’s earliest creations.

The world-renowned Museum of Graffiti will be celebrating its fourth anniversary this coming Art Basel with an unprecedented schedule of new exhibitions, brand activations, and more. This year, trailblazing LA-based artist, Mear One, will open a solo exhibition entitled Metaphysical Surrealism on December 6, 2023, marking a pivotal moment in the artist’s lengthy career as a graffiti artist turned master oil painter. Guests of the show can also expect the return of the Mi Campo Artists’ Lounge on the Museum’s patio where Mear One and the rest of the graffiti community will be sipping signature cocktails while listening to the beats of celebrity DJ sets and creating large outdoor murals. In celebration of the opening, guests will be treated to a robust schedule of unparalleled art programming, drops, art-infused giveaways, and more from December 6 – 9. Public tickets are to be released on November 1, 2023.

About Mear One

Known for his distinctive approach to graffiti and mural art, Mear One, born in Los Angeles, California, has been actively contributing to the street art scene since the mid-1980s. He has gained international recognition for his public works that often blend elements of social and political commentary with metaphysical and mythological themes.

Fueled by his early days of tagging and an eclectic upbringing surrounded by books on mysticism, astrology, mythology, and ancient cultures, Mear One’s work is a fusion of his radical perspective and unorthodox insights. Over the years, he has demonstrated a commitment to peeling back the layers of perceived reality, continually pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms through his art.

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His journey has evolved from tagging the streets to thought-provoking narratives, questioning authority, and exposing hidden truths. His newest body of work, “Metaphysical Surrealism,” is a deep dive into suppressed knowledge and global mythologies. Based on five years of field research across North America’s Southwest and Great Basin deserts, this series explores archaic rock wall art and architecture, unearthing ancient narratives, and challenging the conventional understanding of our history.

“Metaphysical Surrealism” breathes life into ancient graffiti and mythical tales, drawing parallels with current theories such as the Younger Dryas hypothesis. Mear One believes these narratives of ancient, advanced societies, cycles of cataclysmic destruction and rebirth, and red-haired giants have been concealed from us, a conspiracy he intends to expose through his newest works.

The exhibition will showcase 8-12 oil and acrylic paintings, ranging from small to large canvases. These works offer a journey into humanity’s earliest creations, intertwined with alchemical, astrological, and magical elements. They suggest a shared creation myth far different from what we have been taught, aiming to uncover the obscured link between our hidden past and the authoritarians’ manipulation of history.

The exhibition will also include a selection of recent works addressing contemporary issues.

Mear One states, “I’m really honored and excited to share my new exhibition at the Museum of Graffiti! PEACE, MEAR.”

Mear One’s exhibition will be an enlightening and thought-provoking exploration of history and myth, challenging us to question our accepted narratives and consider the potential implications of our shared, hidden past. 

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