ANASAEA: The Ultimate Toolkit for Artists in the Age of VR and Web3

Due to overwhelming artist demand Anasaea is launching its revolutionary 3D art platform in July… 4 weeks ahead of schedule

After a successful BETA with 300 international artists, collectors, art schools, and overwhelming artists registrations ANASAEA, the first platform to transform a picture of art back into 3D, is going ‘pre-public.’

ANASAEA, the innovative art and technology platform, is set to reshape the art industry with its cutting-edge approach to 3D art presentation and online galleries. Developed by a team of international art and tech professionals and financially backed by a New York-based mega-collector, investor, and philanthropist. 

ANASAEA offers an easy-to-use end-to-end solution for artists. Our 3D galleries allow you to display art with nuances that are normally only available in perrson-see brushstrokes, lighting changes, and perspective shifts. It starts with a 2D picture that can easily be transformed into 3D Art, and placed into galleries and can then be viewed on mobile, on the web, and even in VR, with META.

ANASAEA´s mission is to democratize the art world and empower creators by providing a free and independent marketplace for both fine and digital artists. Its groundbreaking technology allows artists to easily transform their art in 3D, share across platforms, and give in-depth viewing possibilities using zoom, pan, tilt and lighting choices to collectors and art lovers that are on

Collector Sylvain Levy, co-owner of the expansive contemporary Chinese art collection, DSLcollection, said, “ANASAEA is a wonderful platform for artists and collectors to display art with clarity and in 3D, whether on the phone, web, or in VR. DSLcollection has enjoyed helping guide ANASAEA on their journey and looks forward to working with them in the future.”

The platform simplifies the process of creating and displaying 3D art galleries, making it accessible to artists of all backgrounds. Adding paintings to galleries and creating customized exhibition spaces takes seconds, thanks to ANASAEA´s intuitive interface. The platform’s user-friendly design focuses on providing artists with an effortless and artist-centered experience. By incorporating social media sharing, Artificial Intelligence with self-tuned Art-focused ChatGPT, mm built-in blockchain minting, VR, and Apple and Android phone apps for gallery experiences, ANASAEA is a nexus for Web3 technology, without the typical Web3 headache.

During its beta phase, ANASAEA collaborated with 200 international artists, collectors, and renowned universities to refine its 3D online platform. ANASAEA builds and adds features based on user feedback and participation.

Renowned artist Larissa Abtova raves about the platform, “My paintings have deep strokes and depth which cannot be seen in a picture. ANASAEA allows me to upload a picture of my art and magically recreates those strokes. Now I can view my art online as if it were in real life.”

In its ongoing development, the platform has now extended its accessibility, with same look and feel version on the Web, Apple and Android devices, and iPad. Additionally, ANASAEA has

collaborated with Meta to bring the platform to virtual reality (VR), ensuring that art lovers can enjoy a deeply immersive experience. Galleries created in ANASAEA are seamlessly replicated

across all forms of display, allowing collectors and art enthusiasts the choice to enjoy art on the go or dive into a captivating VR world.


ANASAEA boasts a diverse collection of pre-made galleries (and bespoke spaces), catering to various artistic styles and preferences. Artists can easily resize their artwork, experiment with different framing options, and explore a range of customization features. The platform puts artists and curators in control, enabling them to curate their galleries with ease and precision.

But ANASAEA is more than just a gallery platform; it is a comprehensive toolkit for artists. The platform intends to make the online life of artists easier to manage and provides embedded social media sharing tools, analytical tools for sellers, integrated minting for NFTs, and even AI ChatGPT tools to answer art-related questions. ANASAEA equips artists with the necessary tools to showcase their work effectively and engage with their audience in a modern way.

Recognizing the importance of supporting emerging talent and geographies, ANASAEA is also initiating a University program with Sakarya Art University in Turkey, creating a democratized and free platform for students just starting out in the art world. This initiative aims to nurture the next generation of artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their creativity.

Artist Andrew Mezvinsky highlights ANASAEA´s ability to capture the tactile nature of his works, expressing, “ANASAEA has provided me with a tool that allows the public to experience the tactile nature of my works. It’s the ability to recreate different mediums on diverse surfaces that makes viewing art on a screen enjoyable.”

Visitors to the ANASAEA platform are treated to an immersive and interactive experience. They can explore individual artists’ shows, zoom in to observe intricate details, rotate pieces to examine different angles, pan to appreciate the overall composition, and even adjust lighting to highlight specific aspects of the artwork. The platform’s seamless integration with social media channels enables effortless sharing of art and favorite galleries, fostering a vibrant community of art enthusiasts and collectors.

ANASAEA´s journey continues with its pre-public launch, marking a significant milestone in the art industry’s digital evolution. Artists, collectors, galleries, and art enthusiasts are invited to join the ANASAEA community and discover a new era of art appreciation and engagement.

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ANASAEA is a pioneering art and technology platform that revolutionizes the way art is presented and experienced. By combining advanced 3D art presentation with a user-friendly interface. ANASAEA empowers artists and art enthusiasts to engage with art in a new and immersive way.With a mission to democratize the art world, ANASAEA provides a free and independent marketplace for artists to showcase their work and connect with a global audience. For more information, visit

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