Artists group photo, at the CILKER ART & DESIGN EXPO & CONTENT MAGAZINE PICK-UP PARTY in the Silicon Valley.

What this is about is my awesome, extremely proud and humbled experience at the Clicker Art & Design Expo & Content Magazine Pick-up Party on opening night May 19th, 2022 at West Valley School Art and Design in Silicon Valley.

The event started at 7:00 p.m. and on a sunny evening. I love being on a Jr. College campus because of the environment and energy. As I walked into the Cilker Art School of Art and Design I was greeted by a woman who provided me with my name tag and drink ticket. She worked at Content Magazine. I provided her my business card because I advocate for prison-artist Donald “C-Note” Hooker. She took one look at my card and asked if Content Magazine could feature him. With that, I was really excited about the opportunity to have C-Note’s work featured in Content Magazine.

Content Magazine 14.3

Because the halls and rooms became full I wandered around taking in the energy and observing the people in the rooms. 

Two young men caught my eye as they walked in the School. They were a bit timid and polite and they had the coolest clothes on!

As I mentioned before I love the energy of the youth at Jr. colleges. Although what I found a bit strange was they were not greeted as I was. They headed for the food. About a half hour later, in the drink section I approached one of them. His name is Frequency. I asked him why he was at the event and he said, “I’m just here to support one of my brothers.” Frequency is stoic and was being respectful towards me. I asked him if he would be willing to hold up a brochure that I prepared for C-Note. He obliged, please see the picture below. 

Frequency holding a brochure prepared for C-Note.


Frequency101 YouTube

His friend came over and asked what was going on, to my surprise Frequency told his friend Yonex, “just being respectful, and taking a picture for Anna.” 

Yonex Jones was much more animated and was more than willing to take a picture as well with another brochure I prepared for C-Note. 

I flipped both pictures into my Magazine and they both thought it was inspirational. 

Yonex holding a brochure prepared for C-Note

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This was very awesome for me!

We parted ways and I went to watch the fashion show. 

Fashion Show

Later, we saw each other again and Frequency told me that they felt awkward there and thanked me for taking the time to connect and take their picture. 

I think we all felt more connected to the event and each other. Yonex even connected me to his Instagram account. 

This made me feel proud. 

The evening was closing and we all went outside. Before we left I asked if they would do a group photo. All of a sudden there were 13 people in the picture! 

Why am I humbled by this? It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that Xonex was in Content Magazine. He is a rapper and runs a business in East San Jose, called, TANK-SHIT that sells his brand of clothing. See in the picture of Yonex he’s wearing one of his shirts. 

So as you can likely see, when people say they’re “proud” of someone else’s accomplishments, they’re really saying they are entitled to some honor or credit in the accomplishing of those accomplishments; and when people say they are “humbled” by other people recognizing them for their accomplishments, what they really mean is they’re proud of how awesome they are. 

All I know is that this was an awesome experience, Frequency and Yonex made me feel proud and I was very humbled. The group photo was the last best part of all this for now!  

Can I get an Amen?!

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